Warranty policy

Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB primarily uses the guarantee provisions of the “Repair 11”. These warranty conditions are developed jointly by the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) and Maskinentreprenörerna (ME). The cases in which these conditions must be complemented refer to “Machine 03”.
In addition, we apply the conditions of the following extensions:
– Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB gives (2) months of warranty on repairs.
The warranty does not apply if:
– Temporary repairs were agreed with Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB.
– the customer has been advised not to undertake the work due to uncertainty about the repair result and this is documented.
– The work was done with parts provided by the customer and the fault can be attributed to the parts.
– Failure caused by normal wear and tear.
– Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB can show that the alleged defect is due to an accident or a comparable event, negligence, abnormal usage or anything similar on the customer’s side.
For spare parts and accessories Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB have the same responsibility towards the customer as the current supplier guarantees in their delivery.
Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB reserves the ownership until full payment has been made. If the supplier’s commitment is smaller than that of the workshop (Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB), the customer must be made aware of this.
If the customer wants to utilize the warranty a complaint should be made to Sörmlands Maskin & Mek AB as soon as possible or at least within a reasonable time after the defect was discovered or should have been discovered.
The complaint shall always be within the specified warranty period. If The complaint is not made within the specified time the customer loses his right to claim warranty.
None of Sörmlands Machine & Mek AB repaired or otherwise fixed machines are considered to be seasonal equipment, which means that the warranty on the work performed is calculated from the date the repairs are completed.

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